How to support your friend, who is affected by a laid off plan

In my country, Poland, we use to say, “real friends are made in poverty”. Of course, poverty is not meant literary, it rather means “being in a challenging life moment”. 🎁And when your friend has been made redundant, this is definitively a challenging life moment. This is the time for your friendship to act. ⏰let me share […]

how to be decent, when your colleagues have to leave the team

Does this sound familiar to you: restructuring, new set-up of the team and some of the colleagues need to find carrier opportunities outside of the company? Your position is kept (together with you) and of course, you feel relieved and thankful, but you are having some empathic emotions towards those colleagues. You would like to […]

The Values of ABCC

Why values are important?🎯they guide our behaviour in all aspects of life, including professional🚀 they help us grow and develop🛠 they shape the future we want to live in Do you agree that it is essential to know, which values drive your business partner?That´s why let me share with you in the video linked below […]

Open your mind to support others

Sticky Voice of Judgement!They have a tendency to appear when some new ideas, concepts or solutions are announced, it means that the change has arrived, and we need to go out of our comfort zone and cope with it.Sometimes even, without going into details, we already judged “it doesn´t make any sense”. With such a […]

Inner Voices of Judgement

Hello this is a Change! …Are your inner Voices of Judgement ready to be awakened?😲Watch my short video🎞 and get a couple minutes of self-reflection about Voice of Judgement.

is this number 5?

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